Logistics, Retail & Healthcare Systems | Software Integrations

Logistics, Retail & Healthcare Management System | Inventory management | Barcode Scanning | Machine integrations | Last Mile Delivery Software | Dock Scheduling and Queue System | WMS | POS


Features and CAPABILITIEs:

Gurusoft's business solutions operate in real-time and are comprehensivehighly accuratescalableuser-friendly and has a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Multi-Company | Multi-Warehousing | Multi-Lingual | Document Management | Email & SMS integrations | Mobile solutions | User-configurable UI design & reporting



Gurusoft offers a comprehensive range of industry solutions from Logistics, Retail to Healthcare.


We implement barcode scanning, RFID, complex machine integrations, Warehouse Management System (WMS), transport and freight solution applications for:

  • Manufacturing Logistics
  • Distribution Logistics
  • Retail Logistics
  • 3rd Party Logistics (3PL)


As technology continues to reshape the retail world, we help retail operations achieve a quick response time to meet consumer demands through:

  • Various types of POS Systems
  • Replenishment solutions
  • CRM & Loyalty Modules
  • Automated Billing & Finance System


With vast experience from cluster-level healthcare project implementations and integrations, our solution capabilities enable real-time traceability to save time and resources.

  • Medical Records & Report Systems
  • Case Management Systems
  • Workflow & Asset Tracking solution